5 Best Things to Do in New Mexico

New Mexico is a great place to live and visit. The 47th state in the union is it’s fifth-largest. The area was home to Native Americans for centuries before Spanish explorers first reached the region in the 1500s.

There are plenty of activities for individuals and activities in New Mexico. The best thing about their warmer climate is that you can do so many things any time of year! Here are five of the best things to do in New Mexico:

  1. Take a ride in a hot air balloon. One of the best ways to view this spacious state is by air. You can do just that by taking a hot air balloon ride. Many companies offer balloon rides year-round. Keep your eye on the weather to avoid possible cancellations and have a great time! If you’re not up to flying in a hot air balloon, make sure to visit Albuquerque during the first week of October to attend their annual international balloon fiesta. You’ll get to see hundreds of unique hot air balloons take to the sky!
  2. Visit a hot spring. New Mexico is well known for its hot springs. These mineral spas provide many wonderful health benefits and are a great place to relax and unwind. They’re very peaceful places where you can admire and appreciate the beauty of surrounding nature.
  3. Explore ancient Aztec ruins. The Aztec Ruins National Monument in Aztec, New Mexico is a great place to step back in time. Admission is free, and you can take guided tours of Pueblo ruins and a reconstructed kiva. You can make your way around the walking path in less than an hour. A perfect stop for history buffs or people who just want to get greater insight into local history.
  4. See for yourself if aliens reside in Roswell. The city of Roswell, New Mexico has long been rumored to be the site of alien spaceship landings. You can visit the town and decide for yourself whether or not those rumors are true. Roswell’s downtown Historic District offers a UFO museum and other attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. They also have a UFO and Alien festival during 4th of July weekend that you can partake in.
  5. Appreciate art at the State Capitol. While most state capitol buildings are all business, New Mexico’s state capital of Santa Fe is home to one of the most extensive art collections in the United States. You can spend hours inspecting the hundreds of works of art created by very talented New Mexico artists. You can also stop and say hello to local legislators when they are in session.

These are just some of the many amazing things you can do in New Mexico. There are so many entertainment options available that it’s impossible to be bored. Do a little homework before your trip so that you know exactly what you want to see and do. You’re bound to have one of the best times ever, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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